How to Connect With Your Customers Through UK Promotional Products

In today’s competitive market, consumers have more choice than ever about the brands they use, regardless of industry. Because of this, it is so important to take really into account what your customers actually want, and make a personal connection with them. There are many ways to do this, but one of my favorites is by using promotional merchandise, such as promotional cups, corporate gift bags, branded pens, and more. There are many UK promotional printing companies that take online orders, so it’s easy to buy and distribute the products you choose.


Before choosing a product, it is important to listen to what your consumers have to say about your brand. You can do this either through a formal corporate research firm or even just through an informal poll via SurveyMonkey or social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pay attention to the negatives that keep coming up – you can use your promotional materials to help improve your relationships with customers in these areas.

talkA common problem that many companies have nowadays is that they are perceived as too serious and stuffy by the demographics that they are trying to reach. Consumers are attracted to brands that are hip, modern, and have a sense of humor. This perception can be drastically improved through the use of targeted promotional products. Fun tech products like earbuds and phone cases can help you create a more modern brand image, while lifestyle items like sunglasses, stress balls, or even miniature games like dice or Rubix cubes will make your company seem more fun and in-touch.

If your company has the opposite problem and you want to portray an image that is more professional, there are plenty of options for that as well. Flash drives, laptop cases, pens, and stationary are all good choices for small companies looking to step up their game. Go for products that are very high-quality, as a product that falls apart quickly can have a negative effect on your image. Many companies will go further than just painting your logo on an item, but will instead actually embroider or engrave it for longevity.connect

Another common problem that brands struggle with is that they seem faceless or don’t have a distinct image. The solution to this is to use a promotional product that is totally off-the-wall and unique. Some fun ideas for this are branded candy (many companies will print your logo on M&Ms!), wine glasses, beach umbrellas, even a customized set of playing cards. These will help consumers put a face to your brand name, which can increase your business in the future. Promotional products are one of the best-kept secrets of the marketing world, and can increase your business.

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