Employee Time Clocks – How Important are They?

Employee Time Clock

To avoid huge losses companies nowadays have started to use time clocks to manage their employees. These time clocks accurately tell when an employee has entered the office and when he has left without any kind of error. So the days of doing manual attendance and office hour counting are over, now one can easily keep track of the no. of hours worked by employees with all the simple software that provide its users unique benefits. Before you choose to buy one of these amazing time saver software, know some of the features that you should consider. Cross check these features at the time of buying so that you know you have got the best product for your employees.

Some of the features to consider

  • Payroll management – time clocks should have the feature to manage payrolls fast. What it means is that these time clocks should have the feature to not down the no. of hours that an employee of your organization worked during the month or the week. Also there should be an option where the number of hours he took a break is being recorded. With these two sets of data the payroll management system will determine the accurate amount of money that the particular employee should get paid for the month. The automated time clock software will save you hours that you’d have otherwise spent on calculating it manually.

  • On the clock guard – the software should have the feature of a guard on the clock. The function of this guard is to notify the management whenever some employee who is not scheduled to work is trying to log in the device. So if the employees are late and try to log in from any other device then it will automatically get blocked and access will be denied. Also if the employee doesn’t have a shift at that particular time and tries to log in from office IP address then also access will be denied. Alerts can also be received by the management whenever some employee tries to log out before his shift ends. This feature will ensure that the office decorum is maintained well.

  • Mileage tracker – a lot of companies work with sales and the sales employees need to travel a lot of distance everyday for their work. Now a majority of the companies [provide vehicles for the employees but there are companies that need the employees to travel on their personal vehicles. In these cases the timer clock needs to have the mileage tracker feature so the mileage as well as the fuel rates can be noted down in the software. This will ensure that they get the reimbursement for their petrol accurately. Using this two data the exact amount of money can be calculated and this also makes sure that the employees don’t use the fuel provided by the office for their own personal use.

  • Absentee handler – in large MNCs it is very difficult to keep a track of absent employees. No one has the time to sit with an attendance register and count who all are absent. This time clock system should have the inbuilt feature of tracking which employee called in sick and who left early because he or she was feeling unwell. This software should have the provision for you to schedule time offs for your employees in case they wish to take a day off from their work. The requests for day off along with the reasons should be provided to the management via this system itself.

  • Change time slots – there may be cases when an employee normally working in the day shift has to work in the night shift for one particular day, in such cases the time shifts in the system needs to be changed otherwise there will be difficulty in the calculation of the hours that the employee stayed in the office. So the software should allow editing of time slots for each and every single employee. Another major feature that should be present is that in case of any error being displayed in the time sheet of the employee he or she can file a request form via the software which will cause their time sheet to be reviewed manually and any error in the readings will be fixed by the system.

Thus these are the basic features that employers should consider before they opt for a time clock software to keep a track of their employees. If you find these conditions being present in the software then look no further, opt for that software and see how the efficiency of your organization multiplies in little time. These amazing features are the reason why the majority of the companies are shifting to digital time clock systems nowadays.